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Episode 03 Defining Success

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Airing Sundays on Hillsong Channel 
7:30PM PDT 4:30PM GMT 6:30PM AEDT

Episode 03Defining Success

Watch the newest episode FREE every Sunday 7:30PM PT right here!

To catch up on previous episodes and watch the complete series, head to!

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Episode 03 Defining Success
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Now with natalie

In this six-part interview series fashion influencer Natalie Manuel Lee explores what living in your purpose and discovering your identity really looks like. Through candid conversations with influencers at the top of their industries

including supermodel Hailey Bieber, NBA star Tyson Chandler, and music icon Kelly Rowland, Natalie takes a behind the scenes look at how they navigate their high profile lives and focus on what is really important. We are hearing for the very first time from these guest what they believe THEIR true purpose and Identity is. 

This unique series candidly pulls back the veil on the counterfeit identity that we all seem to be true and cuts through the noise and clichés to differentiate authentic truth from the highlights reel, and take a deeper look at how you really know when you’re living in your purpose.

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Episode 01 Identity and Comparison

“It’s a photograph, it’s hair and makeup, it’s a team of people, it’s lighting … It’s fabricated.” – Hailey Bieber

Across every industry and sphere, the temptation to align your worth with how you look and what you achieve can be alluring. As we build up our image on social media, we are sometimes left to live our lives in the wake of our self-made facades. In this episode high profile supermodel Hailey Bieber speaks candidly with host Natalie Manuel Lee around discovering both her own sense of self and her true purpose amidst both legacy and competition. Natalie also seeks answers from award-winning independent film director Eliot Rausch, and Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, who shed light on purpose, identity and the traps of comparison.

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Episode 02 The bigger picture

“There’s more to life than number ones.” – Kelly Rowland

The entertainment industry constantly floods our eyes and ears with content while we elevate and glorify the stars who produce it. In this episode host Natalie Manuel Lee immerses herself in the entertainment industry hub that is Los Angeles, hitting the recording studio with Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child to hear her vulnerable insights into life in and out of the spotlight. Kelly takes us through her journey of realising the bigger picture behind what she does along with the personal costs she has endured for fame.  Natalie also stops by to talk humble beginnings and chasing the Hollywood dream with young Texan hopeful Caleb Pierce and established independent music producer Josiah Bell. Delving into this industry where comparison and accolade can shape your sense of self, Natalie seeks to find perspective on the purpose behind the platform.

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Episode 03 defining success

“People think they want fame but … they don’t understand you can literally lose yourself in fame.” – Tyson Chandler

In the highly publicized world of professional sport the elite are often elevated to a god-like status, what is it like when the roar of the crowd and the cameras are gone? In this episode host Natalie Manual Lee delves into the world of professional sport, speaking to players from the hopeful beginnings, towering heights and seasoned later days of their sporting careers. We experience both moments in the spotlight and behind the scenes with NBA star Tyson Chandler as he shares raw insights from the highs and lows of his career, the dangers of fame and how it almost overtook him. Natalie also visits a budding young high school football star, Alex and a Major League Baseball veteran, her father, Jerry Manuel. Gleaning wisdom from what purpose looks like in an industry where your identity can be wrapped up in your performance.

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Episode 04 vision

“As long as I have the opportunity I’m going to use it for God, I’m going to use it for good.” – Elaine Welteroth

Host Natalie Manuel Lee is no stranger to the multifaceted world of fashion, and in this episode she unpacks what finding true purpose looks like with some high profile guests from the fashion industry. Natalie spends time with former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth, who gives a behind the scenes perspective on success, what it looks like to navigate towards your goals even when the path is unknown and why there is no title or salary that can value her worth.  In exploring the expectations and pressures that are on those who seek to succeed, Natalie also meets young model Ellison and fashion influencer Esther Houston, who share insights as we get a glimpse into their experiences within the New York fashion scene.

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Episode 05 perseverance

“On the other side of that struggle, that’s your strength.” – Angela Davis

Health and wellness trends are ever-changing, but the desire to successfully weather the seasons of life is constant. In this episode, host Natalie Manuel Lee seeks to uncover some fundamental truths about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Celebrity fitness coach, motivational speaker and soul cycle instructor Angela Davis vulnerably shares her personal journey, including her perseverance through post-natal depression that halted her career. Angela gives us insight on what purpose actually looks like. Natalie also trains with amateur marathon runner, Ingrid Gonzales to find the reasons behind her recent lifestyle change, and we hear perceptive revelations from author and counsellor Doug Tawlks about the vital relationship between physical and mental health.

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Episode 06 conviction

“All you can take with you is what you give away.” – Jerry Lorenzo

Whether it’s based on the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the car we drive or the circles we move in, people make judgments about our worth and our place in this world. Are these really the things that should define our value in the eyes of others? In this episode host Natalie Manuel Lee steps into the sphere of a fashion entrepreneur and cultural influencer, Jerry Lorenzo, who in recent years founded the iconic designer street-wear label ‘Fear Of God’. Jerry reveals to Natalie, that the pursuit of status can either help or hinder living in your purpose. In contrast we take a journey over to the Los Angeles homeless district, Skid Row, where Natalie meets a local known as ‘Poet’. In experiencing both extremes of the status spectrum, Natalie questions if the position you hold determines your perspective on purpose.

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